Unveiling SilverStone RM400: The Ultimate Server Chassis

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into a review of the SilverStone Technology⁣ 4U Rackmount Server Chassis ‍with 3 X 5.25 Front Bays – the RM400 Cases SST-RM400. As a⁤ team who ‌has had the pleasure of experiencing this high-performance ‍server chassis first-hand, we can’t wait to‌ share ‍our thoughts⁢ with you. With features‍ like three ​5.25″‍ drive bays,‌ support for ATX/PS2 or​ Mini redundant power supplies, and compatibility with various motherboard sizes, the RM400 is‌ a robust and versatile choice for professionals in need of a reliable server solution. ​Stay‌ tuned as we‌ break down ​its efficiency, flexibility, and durability to help you make an informed decision for ⁣your server needs. Let’s‌ get started!

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The SilverStone Technology 4U Rackmount Server Chassis⁤ is a solid choice⁣ for professionals seeking a high-performance server solution. With three 5.25″ ‍drive bays and support for ATX, ‍PS2,⁤ Mini redundant power supplies, and SSI-CEB motherboards, this⁢ chassis ​offers flexibility and efficiency for data center engineers. The ‍front I/O ports feature USB 3.1 Gen1 ⁢specification, keeping up⁤ with modern‍ computing standards, while‌ included‍ PWM fans‍ ensure ⁤reliable cooling.

Designed ‌with durability in mind, the RM400 also features a front door with a key lock ‌for‌ extra security, making it ⁣a reliable option for those looking to build ‍a server ⁣in a professional environment. ⁤With⁣ support for ​standard profile PCI/PCIe​ slots‌ and a sleek design, the ‍SilverStone RM400⁤ is a great choice for those in need of a dependable server chassis. If you’re in the market for‍ a reliable server chassis with​ high‌ performance and flexibility, check out the SilverStone Technology ⁢4U Rackmount Server Chassis here.

Outstanding Features ​and Design

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When it comes to , ‍the SilverStone RM400 ‍Rackmount⁢ Server Chassis truly stands out. With three ⁣5.25″ drive bays, this chassis ⁣offers unmatched flexibility for installing various devices. The front door with‍ a key lock not only provides extra security ⁢but also adds a sleek and professional look to the overall design.

Moreover, ‌the⁤ upgraded ⁢front I/O ports to USB 3.1 Gen1 specification ensure ‍lightning-fast data transfer speeds, making it a breeze to connect external devices. The inclusion ⁤of two PWM ⁢fans, one 120mm and one 80mm, keeps up with modern computing conveniences and ​helps⁢ maintain optimal airflow⁢ within the chassis. The support for ATX/PS2 ⁤or Mini​ redundant power supplies,⁣ along‌ with the compatibility with SSI-CEB motherboards, makes the RM400 ​a versatile choice for‌ professionals and data center engineers.​ Overall, this server⁤ chassis is a great combination of efficiency, flexibility, and durability.​ If ‍you’re looking to ​build a reliable and high-performance server, the SilverStone‌ RM400 is definitely worth​ considering. Shop Now on Amazon⁤ for ⁤the best deal.

In-depth Analysis and Performance Evaluation

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Upon ⁣deep analysis ​and performance evaluation, it’s clear that the SilverStone‍ Technology 4U ⁤Rackmount⁢ Server Chassis is truly a⁢ powerhouse​ in‌ the professional environment. With three 5.25″⁤ drive bays and support for⁢ ATX/PS2 or Mini redundant power supplies, ⁤this chassis provides excellent flexibility and efficiency. The inclusion of two PWM ⁤fans, one​ 120mm and‌ one 80mm, ensures that the server stays cool⁤ and can keep ‌up with modern ​computing conveniences.​ The upgraded front I/O ‍ports​ to USB ‍3.1 Gen1 specification further ⁢enhance‌ the user experience, making data transfer faster and more efficient.

The RM400 chassis stands out⁤ for its durability and security features, with⁤ a front door equipped with a key lock for extra protection. The​ support for up to SSI-CEB motherboards and standard profile PCI/PCIe x7 ⁤slots make it a versatile choice ⁢for professionals and​ data center engineers looking to build a reliable server. Overall, the SilverStone RM400 is a top choice for those seeking a ⁣high-performance server chassis that prioritizes efficiency, flexibility, and ‌security. Check it out on​ Amazon to get your⁢ hands on this exceptional product! Click here to ⁢purchase now!

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

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We have ​thoroughly examined the SilverStone Technology 4U ⁣Rackmount Server Chassis‍ and we are impressed by its high⁤ performance and professional ‌design. The three 5.25″⁢ drive bays provide ample storage options, while the ​support ‌for ATX/PS2 or Mini redundant‍ power supplies offers ⁣flexibility ⁤in power configurations. The inclusion ⁤of two PWM fans ensures efficient ⁤cooling,⁣ keeping up⁤ with modern computing⁤ standards. ​The⁢ front I/O ports have been upgraded to USB 3.1 Gen1 specification for faster data transfers, a key​ convenience for professionals and data⁣ center ⁢engineers. ⁢The front door with a key lock ⁤adds an extra layer⁤ of security, perfect for safeguarding sensitive server components.

In conclusion, the ‌SilverStone ⁢RM400 ⁣server‍ chassis is⁤ a⁣ top choice for professionals seeking a durable and ​efficient server solution. With support for SSI-CEB ‍motherboards, standard profile PCI/PCIe slots, and flexible 5.25″ device ‌installation,‍ this chassis offers a versatile​ platform for building a​ high-performance server. The combination ‍of modern features, enhanced security, and sturdy construction make the RM400 an​ excellent investment for anyone looking⁢ to ‌set up a reliable server system. Upgrade your server​ setup today with ​the ​SilverStone Technology ⁢4U Rackmount Server Chassis and experience the power of professional-grade performance. Get ‌yours now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ⁢carefully analyzing customer reviews, we have identified some⁣ key insights and common ⁢themes about the SilverStone RM400 Server Chassis:

Positive ⁢Feedback:

Sturdy construction and well-built design
Roomy interior with ample space for a good ⁣build
High-quality materials and finish
Convenient removable drive ⁣trays
Easy to remove and clean dust filters

Negative Feedback:

Challenges ‍with securing hard drives in shallow ​bays
Limited depth could cause ​fitment ⁢issues for certain components
Non-standard ⁤screws for ⁤rack slides
Difficulty with cable management and SATA connectors

Overall, customers ⁤have praised the​ SilverStone RM400 Server Chassis for its robust construction, spacious interior, and thoughtful design features. However, some users ‍have encountered challenges⁤ with ⁣securing hard drives in⁢ the shallow bays and fitting certain components due to the limited depth of the case. ‌Despite​ these drawbacks, the RM400 remains a popular choice for those seeking a high-quality and functional server ‍chassis.

Pros & Cons

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Pros⁢ & ⁣Cons


1. Three 5.25” drive bays ⁣for flexible device installation.
2. Supports a wide range of motherboard⁢ sizes‌ including CEB, ATX, mATX, and Mini ITX.
3. Front I/O ⁣ports upgraded to USB 3.1 Gen1 ‍for faster data transfer⁤ speeds.
4. Comes with⁣ two PWM fans for efficient cooling.
5. Front door with key ⁣lock for extra security.
6. Supports up to​ seven standard profile PCI/PCIe slots.


1. May be a⁤ bit bulky for ⁤smaller server setups.
2. Noisy fans may be a concern for those ‍looking for a quieter server.
3. Installation ⁢may require some technical knowledge.

Overall, the SilverStone RM400 provides a robust and ⁣versatile server chassis that is perfect ​for professionals and data center engineers ⁣looking to build a reliable and efficient server⁤ setup. While‍ it ⁣may have some drawbacks such as its⁢ size ‍and fan noise, ‍its⁣ numerous features and capabilities make it a​ worthy‌ investment for those in need of ⁤a high-performance server ‌chassis.


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Q: Is the SilverStone ‍RM400 server chassis only suitable⁣ for professional environments?

A: While the RM400 is designed‍ with higher performance in mind for professional environments, it can​ also be a great choice for anyone looking to build ⁢a robust‌ server at home or in a small business setting. Its durability ‍and flexibility make it a versatile option for ⁢a range of users.

Q: Does the RM400 support Mini-ITX motherboards?

A: Yes, the RM400​ supports ​a variety of ⁣motherboard sizes including Mini-ITX, mATX, ATX, and even SSI-CEB. This flexibility allows for a wide‌ range of ‍customization options to suit your specific needs.

Q:‍ How​ many‌ front bays does the RM400 have for drive installation?

A: The RM400 comes‍ equipped⁢ with three 5.25” front ‌bays, providing ample space for installing your preferred ‍drives‌ or devices. This allows⁣ for flexibility‍ in storage options​ and customization.

Q: Are the front I/O ports of the RM400 up-to-date with modern specifications?

A: Yes, the RM400 features upgraded front I/O ports‌ with a 5Gbps ⁢SuperSpeed USB 3.1 ‌Gen ‍1 interface.‍ This ensures fast ​data transfer speeds‍ and backward compatibility with USB 2.0/1.1‍ devices, ⁣making ⁤it convenient for modern computing needs.

Q: Does the RM400 come with cooling fans included?

A: Yes, the RM400 includes ⁤two PWM fans—one⁢ 120mm and one 80mm—out of the box. These fans help⁢ to keep your server running cool and efficiently,‌ allowing for optimal performance‍ under heavy workloads.

We hope this⁢ Q&A ⁣section has ⁤helped address⁣ any questions ‍you may have⁢ had about the SilverStone⁢ RM400 server chassis.⁤ Feel free‌ to​ reach out ​to us for any additional inquiries or details about this ultimate server‌ chassis.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

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As we wrap up our product⁤ review of the SilverStone RM400 Server Chassis, it’s ⁤clear that this powerhouse is a game-changer in ⁤the professional environment. With ⁢its versatile design,‍ upgraded front I/O ports, ⁢and⁣ efficient cooling system, the RM400 is truly the ultimate choice for data‍ center engineers and professionals⁤ looking to build ‍a reliable ⁣server.

If you’re ready ​to take your ⁣server setup to the next level, look no further than the SilverStone RM400. Click here to get your hands on ⁣this​ top-notch server chassis:⁣ Check it out​ on Amazon!

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